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18 August 2011

The ATA calls on the Prime Minister, premiers and chief ministers to sign the agreement for the national truck laws, but insist on changes to the way they are being drafted.

22 July 2011

The fatal crash rate for articulated trucks like semitrailers has improved more than 60 per cent since 1982.

22 July 2011

The ATA’s travelling safety and careers exhibition, the Road Ahead, will feature at the 2011 Green Light Transport and Logistics Day in Sydney next month.

10 July 2011

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has welcomed the Government’s decision to exempt the trucking industry from carbon tax until 1 July 2014.

06 July 2011

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has dismissed the results of a poll showing that 50 per cent of Australians want large trucks banned from cities.

04 July 2011

The Australian Government should exempt trucks from the carbon tax as well as cars.

30 June 2011

The trucking industry’s greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 35 per cent per billion tonne kilometres since 1990.

24 June 2011

The ATA has proposed a new approach to finalising the national truck laws, with the current drafting process in disarray.

17 June 2011

The ATA has launched a supporters’ program so trucking businesses, suppliers and their staff can help the industry’s road safety exhibition, the Road Ahead.

14 June 2011

The ATA has congratulated Peter Fox on his appointment as a OA in the 2011 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.


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