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Nolan's Transport rejects carbon tax email

20 March 2012

Nolan’s Interstate Transport has rejected a widely circulated anonymous email claiming the Government’s carbon tax would cost the company more than $3 million per year.

The email did not originate from the company. Its source is unknown; the figures in it are factually incorrect

“Nolan’s Interstate Transport does not support the Government’s carbon tax, and have said so publicly. We are very concerned about its impact on our company, but it wouldn’t cost us anything like the $3 million per year claimed in the email,” the company’s compliance manager, Darren Nolan, said.

“Our concern is that we won’t be able to pass the tax on to our customers when it is extended to the fuel used by the trucking industry on 1 July 2014. The tax would also ignore the enormous investment we have made to meet the new emissions standards that have come in since the 1990s.”

Mr Nolan rejected the suggestion in the email that patriotic Australians should oppose the carbon tax.

“There are many arguments against the carbon tax, but the people who support the tax love this country just as much as the people who oppose it,” he said.

“We’re sick of people using our business as a political pawn without checking the facts.”

Nolan’s Interstate Transport is based in Gatton, Queensland. It employs more than 280 staff across Australia and has facilities in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The company is a member of the Queensland Trucking Association and is accredited under the TruckSafe safety program. Its owners, Terry and Daphne Nolan, won the ATA’s Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Trucking Industry Award in 2011.

In its latest NGERS (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme) filing, the company reported that it emitted 28,914 Tonnes of C02-e in the 2010-2011 reporting period.