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Vale Ray Scott

15 July 2020

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and wider industry are today mourning the death of Ray Scott.

Ray Scott played a significant role in the trucking industry, from humble beginnings his father’s family business, through to becoming a major shareholder in Scott Group of Companies, including the K&S Corporation.

“Trucking was a major part of Ray’s life since he was a child when his father, trucking magnate Allan Scott AO established his transport empire in Mount Gambier in the 1950s,” ATA Chair David Smith said.

“Ray was admired for his professionalism, passion, and extensive knowledge of the transport industry sectors, from livestock to oil hauling,” he said.

In 2013, Mr Scott was inducted into the National Road Transport Hall of Fame, recognising his history in the road transport industry and long service on road train work into the Northern Territory.

Former ATA Chair Denis Robertson said Mr Scott and his family were also very supportive of the ATA and helped to organise one of the ATA’s largest Forum on the Road meetings when it travelled to Mount Gambier in the early 1990s. 

“Ray was a very practical and hands-on operator. I recall when International Trucks Australia (now Iveco) launched a new truck in Alice Springs, Ray was enlisted to do the demonstrations because he was so highly-skilled,” Mr Robertson said.

“I also recall his father Allan saying that Ray was the best operator he had, being the most efficient on tyres, fuel and always keeping his trucks in perfect condition.

“As well as being a highly accomplished operator, Ray demonstrated great kindness, always lending a helping hand. He also had a good sense of humour, often coming out with great one-liners,” he said.

Former ATA Chair Noelene Watson said Mr Scott was well-known for his kind nature and always willing to help those in need.

“Ray was one of the very kindest people in the industry,” Mrs Watson said.

“Whenever the ATA was in need of assistance, Ray would always come to help,” she said.

Mr Smith said Mr Scott was a dedicated family man and will be dearly missed.

“On behalf of the ATA and the wider trucking industry, I extend my condolences and deepest sympathy to Ray’s wife Jill and their family,” he said.