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Still work to do on AdBlue

20 December 2021

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has welcomed news the Australian Government has taken steps to boost Australia’s supply of AdBlue. But the ATA remains concerned that the suppliers are yet to provide facts and figures about immediate demand and supply issues.

The ATA met this afternoon with government to discuss the announcement. The ACCC authorisation for the suppliers to discuss these matters is not scheduled until this Wednesday.

ATA Chair David Smith says the meeting allayed some of the ATA’s concerns.

“We are reassured by the government’s commitment to addressing the AdBlue shortage. Striking a deal with Incitec Pivot to secure local production of refined urea is just common sense. 

“We also welcome the negotiation with Indonesia to secure more AdBlue in January 2022. This will give Australia’s truck operators the breathing room they need while we wait for our local supply to increase. 

“However, we have operators calling us from across Australia telling us that they’re nearly out of AdBlue. The ATA intends to work closely with government on contingency plans. The ATA also supports an industry proposal for an AdBlue hotline.  

“We will continue to work with the government to secure a sensible solution.”


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