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The Road Ahead travelling exhibition road trip comes to Tasmania

03 May 2011

Excellent photo/vision opportunity of school students and visitors interacting with computerised road safety displays.

• Excellent opportunity for interviews, including radio, about the trucking industry and road safety.

The Australian Trucking Association’s travelling exhibition centre, the Road Ahead, will visit students in Tasmania over the next three weeks.

The Road Ahead is a state-of-the-art semitrailer filled with interactive displays about road safety and the trucking industry. The exhibition centre travels to schools, colleges and shows across the country, and cost the industry and its suppliers about $1.3 million.

The details of the Tasmanian tour are as follows:

Date Venue
5 May Agfest, Quercus Park near Carrick and Bracknell, south of Launceston
6 May Agfest, Quercus Park near Carrick and Bracknell, south of Launceston
7 May Agfest, Quercus Park near Carrick and Bracknell, south of Launceston
9 May Rosebery District High School
10 May Mountain Heights School
12 May Claremont College
13 May Cosgrove High School
14 May Salamanca Market
16 May Kings Meadows High School
17 May Oatlands District High
18 May Scottsdale High
19 May Launceston Mall
20 May Cressy District High School

We would be happy to organise picture/vision opportunities or interviews to suit your requirements. The attached pages give a background of The Road Ahead program as well as illustrating some of the picture opportunities that will be available.



The Road Ahead travelling exhibition is a state-of-the art semitrailer filled with interactive displays about the trucking industry and road safety. The semitrailer was built specially for the Australian Trucking Association and has fold out sides to increase the size of the exhibition space.

The trucking industry and its suppliers are financing the $1.3 million project. A wide range of companies, organisations and individuals have made contributions to the project.

What’s the exhibition for?

The goals of the exhibition are to:

• provide motorists with important tips about sharing the road safely with trucks. A significant number of accidents involving trucks are caused by other drivers, often because they have not been taught that trucks handle differently to their cars;

• provide secondary school students with information about careers in the trucking industry and the job choices that are available; and

• provide the community with information about how the trucking industry delivers 75 per cent of Australia’s freight, including every item on the shelves of every supermarket in the country.

What are the displays?

Gear changing: The gear changing game invites visitors to simulate driving a truck by changing gears as it accelerates. The game has three difficulty levels. The hardest level turns off the truck’s tachometer and requires the visitor to change gears based on the noise of the engine.

Loading a truck: Using a touch screen, visitors must correctly load a simulated truck with freight before driving off. At the easiest level, the visitor must load a 1 tonne ute with domestic items such as full cardboard boxes, pot plants and a TV set. At the hardest level, the visitor must load a 60 tonne semitrailer with pallets of recycled paper, bricks, 200 litre drums and other items.

Safety table: The safety table has space for eight visitors, who compete through ten mini-games about how to share the road safely with trucks. The games are:

Cut out cutting in   Lights at night
Do not overtake turning vehicle Towing caravans and boats
Maintain your speed   Overtake with care
100 kph speed limiting  Roundabouts
Road positioning   Road courtesy

Static displays: There are also information panels about the industry, career opportunities that are available and the importance of level crossing safety.