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Industry Technical Council welcomes new members

13 August 2020

The Australian Trucking Association’s Industry Technical Council has today welcomed two new members, expanding its extensive expert membership base.  

The Industry Technical Council (ITC) is the trucking industry’s brains trust that solves issues and saves lives. Established in 1994, the ITC is a working committee of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), with a role to enhance the industry’s safety, professionalism and viability by providing technical input and best practice advice to the ATA

At today’s meeting of the ITC, the council welcomed new members Chris Loose (Truck Industry Council) and Danijel Lloyd (Step Global). 

Chris Loose and has been directly involved with trucks since the mid 1980s, and in his current role as Technical Officer at the Truck Industry Council works around the development of regulations.  

On becoming an ITC member, Mr Loose says “it was a natural progression following TIC’s membership of the ATA Council, and particularly because the ITC is technical in nature.” 

“As an ITC member, I hope to contribute to a more professional industry with improved safety outcomes and national consistency,” he said.  

Danijel Lloyd is Operations Manager at Step Global, a company he has been working with for almost 11 years. 

“Step Global supplies equipment to companies and system integrators. Throughout my career I have worked closely with trucking companies on a number of projects and roll-outs,” Mr Lloyd said.  

Mr Lloyd says one of his favourite projects he has worked on during his career is the development of an NHVR compliant Electronic Work Diary for drivers. 

As a member of the ITC, Mr Lloyd says “my aim is to get a deeper understanding of the needs of the industry and how we can help provide solutions to increase safety and productivity.” 

In their role as ITC members, Mr Loose and Mr Lloyd will work to raise technical and maintenance standards, as well as improving the operational safety of the heavy vehicle sector.  

“The ITC performs a unique service in the Australian trucking industry by bringing operators, suppliers, engineers, and other specialists together in a long-term discussion forum. We are very excited to welcome Chris and Danijel to the council and look forward to their contribution to activities,” ATA Chief Engineer Bob Woodward said.  

Today’s meeting also announced the launch of ITC Technical Bulletins, a new technical resource series. 

“Technical Bulletins are designed to provide best-practice advice in response to industry issues,” Mr Woodward said.  

“The first Technical Bulletin we have released outlines the appropriate practices of reliable mass management compliance using air suspensions,” he said.   

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