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Industry stalwart Ray Scott recognised in honours list

14 June 2021
Trucking stalwart Ray Scott has been posthumously honoured as a Member of the Order of Australia, recognised in the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.  
Admired for his professionalism, passion, and extensive knowledge of the transport industry sectors, Mr Scott’s honour comes as recognition for his significant service to the road transport industry, and to the community. 
Mr Scott played a significant role in the trucking industry, from humble beginnings his father’s family business, through to becoming a major shareholder in Scott Group of Companies, including the K&S Corporation. 
“Ray achieved a lot in his lifetime and made a great contribution the wider trucking industry, but in particular the general fuel and livestock sectors,” Australian Trucking Association Chair David Smith said.  
Mr Smith said Mr Scott and his family were very supportive of the ATA and helped to organise one of the ATA’s largest Forum on the Road meetings when it travelled to Mount Gambier in the early 1990s. 
In 2013, Mr Scott was inducted into the National Road Transport Hall of Fame, recognising his history in the road transport industry and long service on road train work into the Northern Territory. 
“This honours list recognition is extremely fitting and is a testament to the wonderful work our trucking industry members can deliver for the wider Australian community,” Mr Smith said. 
As well as being a highly accomplished operator, Mr Scott was also well-known for his kindness and willingness to help those in need, as evidenced by his philanthropy and community spirit.