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Ideas needed to save transport business

06 March 2013

A trucking business with a hundred employees is struggling. Its major customers have insisted on a rate cut and its costs are rising. Its costs will go up even further when the carbon tax starts in July 2014.

Delegates at Trucking Australia 2013 will work in teams to develop a turnaround plan for this business. Trucking Australia 2013 will be held at Hamilton Island on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June.

The unique masterclass will be led by Brendan Richards, transport and logistics partner at Ferrier Hodgson. Mr Richards said the masterclass would present delegates with a transport business in trouble – Fictitious Transport Pty Ltd.

“I will present delegates with the key numbers and facts about Fictitious Transport, which will be facing the same problems as many businesses in the real world: flat or falling freight rates and rising costs,” Mr Richards said.

“The participants will then work as teams to develop a turnaround plan for the business, with three of the teams sharing their findings with the whole group.

“The participants will leave the masterclass with their own best practice plan to make a trucking business more successful. Because it’s a team exercise, everyone will get to contribute, regardless of their business background,” he said.

Brendan Richards has undertaken a large number of transport company restructuring and consulting assignments. He was the receiver and manager of the Wettenhalls Group and the Mannway Group of Companies, two of Australia’s largest road transport operators.

He delivered presentations about trucking business management at the 2011 and 2012 Australian Trucking Conventions. This time, though, his job will be to listen to participants’ ideas and provide feedback.

Trucking Australia 2013 is a new event from the Australian Trucking Association that will give delegates the opportunity to make a difference to the industry’s future.

As well as the trucking business masterclass, Trucking Australia 2013 will feature forums where delegates can contribute to the industry’s approach to safety, the carbon tax and road charges, and getting more women and young people into the industry.

Trucking Australia 2013 will also include the presentation of the 2013 National Trucking Industry Awards at the ATA Foundation Sponsors Awards Dinner, the famous Kenworth Legends Luncheon and a poolside barbecue hosted by BPW.