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Highway Guardian found over Facebook

28 July 2020

A transport driver who saved the life of a fellow truckie has been honoured as a Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian, after being tracked down on Facebook.

Shoobridge Transport’s John Lee assisted at a major crash site in January 2018, coming to the aid of the trapped driver of an overturned truck that was leaking fuel and engulfed in flames.

After being rescued through the windscreen of the truck by Mr Lee, the driver made a full recovery from minor injuries.

Following the incident, the driver’s wife set out on a quest to locate her husband’s hero and turned to social media to ensure he received the deserved recognition.  

According to Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand Managing Director, Stephen Roche, John Lee is standout member of the Australian trucking community who represents the values of the accolade.

“The Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian accolade recognises truck drivers who have done incredible, selfless things, and we’re delighted to recognise John Lee with this award,” Mr Roche said.

“Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardians tend to be humble, but we believe they deserve recognition. The lengths that went into locating John Lee highlights the impact his actions made and showcases the need to distinguish him properly. Congratulations John.”

Australian Trucking Association Chair, David Smith, believes John Lee’s story speaks to the character of many in the industry of going above and beyond in a humble fashion.

“Congratulations John Lee on being named the latest Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian and thank you for your selfless actions in saving a fellow industry member,” he said.

“Every day, members of our industry do things to benefit others and don’t expect praise. Those who go above and beyond are the unsung heroes and deserve to be recognised through the Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian award,” Mr Smith added.

Together with the Australian Trucking Association, Bridgestone and Bandag aim to bring unsung heroes like John Lee to the fore.

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