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Deniliquin experiences road safety from every angle

30 November 2020
Young road users in Deniliquin will experience road safety from every angle this week, as the Australian Trucking Association’s SafeT360 exhibition joins the Deniliquin Driver Education Week.  
Forming an important part of the week, SafeT360 puts young road users in the virtual truck driver’s seat to teach them how to share the road safely with heavy vehicles. 
ATA Safety, Health and Wellbeing Director Melissa Weller said the exhibition provides the hands-on experience and knowledge that is not offered by learner driver programs. 
“SafeT360 is an interactive custom-built road safety exhibition that uses virtual reality and interactive messaging to change young road user behaviour,” Mrs Weller said.  
“The Australian Trucking Association has previously joined the Deniliquin Driver Education Week with earlier versions of its Safety Truck, but this year will be the first students get the SafeT360 experience, and we are really excited to share it with them,” she said.  
Mrs Weller said that although young road users in Deniliquin may be more familiar with trucks on the roads than their urban counterparts, there is still a gap in driver education.  
“Research tells us that young people aged 16-25 years are overrepresented in crashes on our roads, which is why SafeT360 specifically targets this age group through an engaging and interactive experience,” Mrs Weller said. 
“SafeT360 is a life-saving exhibition that increased young peoples’ understanding of truck blind spots, stopping distances, overtaking procedures, risks associated with distraction and key messages for vulnerable road users. 
“As we enter the holiday period, many of us are travelling on the roads to catch up with family and friends. It is crucial that young road users have the tools they need to stay safe and protect themselves and loved ones,” she said.  
SafeT360 will be at the Deniliquin Driver Education Week on 30 November and 1 December. 
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