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Christmas 2023: brought to you by truck

20 December 2023

Christmas 2023 will be delivered by truck, with Australia’s truck drivers working hard to deliver presents, food and drink – and that last minute roll of sticky tape.

ATA Chair David Smith said the pre-Christmas period was the busiest time of year for many trucking businesses.

“Everything has to be delivered by Christmas. For example, my firm is carrying double the normal amount of freight to South Australian destinations this week,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith urged motorists to keep it safe this Christmas and slow down.

“With long traffic queues and festive events to get to, many people feel pressured to drive faster or for longer,” he said.

“But Aunty Pam will save you a slice of pavlova if you’re running late. And your family and friends want to see you alive and well, even if they have to listen to your unnecessarily long story about how you had to stop and take a break.”

Mr Smith urged motorists to share the road safely with trucks.

“Sadly, most fatal crashes between trucks and cars are due to mistakes by car drivers. There are a few simple Christmas tips that you can follow to stay safe—

  • Stay out of truck blind spots. If you sit in the blind spots immediately behind a truck or close to the doors, the driver may not know you are there. Cutting in front of a truck can also put you in the forward blind spot
  • Don’t cut in front of trucks as they slow for traffic lights or when you’re out on the highway. A truck needs more distance to stop than you expect, because they are much heavier than your car.
  • Don’t overtake trucks when they are turning. Trucks often need to turn from the centre lane at intersections and corners, so stay well back.”