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Camlin joins Australian Trucking Association

22 January 2021
The Australian Trucking Association has today welcomed Camlin Transport and Rural Trading as a corporate member. 
A privately owned transport company, Camlin operates across the country, with offices in Sydney, Tamworth, and Brisbane. Camlin specialises in the niche field of cryogenic transport - predominantly bulk and packaged dangerous goods. 
“Just like the ATA, Camlin has a strong safety focus and an ambition for future viability, assets that will bring immense value to the wider ATA community,” ATA Chair David Smith said.  
As an ATA member, Camlin can participate in the development of ATA policy, internal committees, and the ATA General Council.  
“Membership will also allow for future collaboration opportunities, including grassroots based conversations about safety, conferencing and networking with industry leaders,” Mr Smith said. 
Mr Smith said that as an existing member of ATA member association NatRoad, Camlin’s membership with the ATA will strengthen its position as a proactive industry player.  
“NatRoad offers tremendous value to its members, and in addition to joining the ATA, Camlin has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring our industry remains safe, professional and viable,” he said.  
A family-oriented business, Camlin prides itself on being a national carrier that can remain flexible to respond to the changing needs of industry. This quality was highlighted in 2020 during the COVID-19 outbreak, when its supply of oxygen to hospitals became critical.  
“Safety is paramount in our operations, in addition to the development of alternative, cost effective methods of product movement,” Camlin owner and Managing Director Gregory Plevey said. 
“With a focus on governance and compliance, Camlin’s decision to join the ATA was founded on our desire to have a seat at the table, particularly in the areas of compliance and training, as well as transport economics,” Mr Plevey said. 
Camlin strives to establish itself as an operational partner to its clients in the cryogenic and bituminous industries. Camlin’s primary business goal is to operate and grow in a profitable manner, providing income and stability for its ever-growing employee base. 
The ATA and its member associations collectively represent the businesses and people of the Australian trucking industry. Together, the ATA and its members are committed to safety, professionalism, and viability.