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Bob Waldron appointed to TruckSafe board

15 September 2011

The trucking industry’s safety accreditation program, TruckSafe, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Waldron, the Executive Director of the Transport Industries Skills Centre in the ACT, to the TruckSafe Board.

TruckSafe is the trucking industry’s leader in business and risk management and is aimed at improving the safety and professionalism of trucking operators nationwide. Trucking operators accredited under TruckSafe are twice as safe as non-accredited operators.

TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley, said Mr Waldron was a valuable addition to the board, with an extensive history of managing safety in the industry.
“Mr Waldron is leading an organisation that is promoting and developing a safety focused driver education system, to help provide a skilled workforce for the transport industry,” said Mr Marley.

“The skills centre is also part of the national Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council network, and helps develop industry competency standards, which forms the basis of nationally accredited training.

“This is very much in line with the TruckSafe accreditation, which is based on four key standards: training, management, maintenance, and workplace and driver health.”

 Mr Marley said the TruckSafe board would be focusing on upgrading the driver health standard over the next few months.

“The Board will be looking at workplace health and safety, driver health screening (including medicals), the role of the medical practitioner, rehabilitation and fatigue management.

“The TruckSafe board is made up of a group of committed and professional individuals and Bob’s appointment, with his extensive experience, will bring another perspective to the ongoing work of the board.”