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ATA thanks government for industry collaboration

24 April 2020

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has thanked the Australian Government for its strong action and collaboration with the trucking industry as the coronavirus epidemic continues. 

ATA Chair Geoff Crouch said the Government has demonstrated great understanding and a desire to work together as Australia faces its COVID-19 challenges. 

“I am very impressed with the Government’s willingness to consult with the ATA, our member associations and trucking operators during this trying time,” Mr Crouch said. 

“The government has not only recognised trucking as an essential industry. It has actively worked to ensure that we are fairly represented and considered on the issues profoundly affecting businesses across the country, in a rolling national summit” he said. 

Mr Crouch said the ATA had been able to advance the views of its members through direct discussions with senior ministers and their staff, including Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, the Treasury coronavirus business liaison unit, and catch ups with the Infrastructure Department and regulators. 

“We have not won every argument, but we have achieved great outcomes for our industry on issues including loan guarantees, the 50 per cent investment allowance, the eligibility of owner drivers for support and the reopening of truck stops and roadhouses,” Mr Crouch said. 

“The government is listening and working closely with the ATA and our members,” he said. 

Mr Crouch has thanked the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator for its support for industry in extending truck driver medicals and developing vital protocols that will ensure rest areas and truck stops can remain open and accessible to drivers. 

“I also thank the federal, state and territory governments for their direct collaboration with the ATA’s member associations. Our members have been working closely with governments on both national issues and those specific to their jurisdiction or sector such as livestock and furniture removals,” Mr Crouch said. 

“Because of the strong relationships between our member associations and government, they have achieved great results including the exemption of freight from cross border travel restrictions, the removal of local government supermarket delivery curfews and payroll tax concessions. 

“I urge every trucking business to join an ATA member association and support our united efforts to protect the industry,” he said. 

The Australian Trucking Association and its member associations collectively represent the businesses and people of the Australian trucking industry. Together, the ATA and its members are committed to safety, professionalism and viability.