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ATA safety trailer taken over

06 June 2024

On The Road Media will take over the Australian Trucking Association’s safety trailer to run campaigns on road safety and to inspire people to join the transport industry.

ATA director Andy Divall handed the trailer keys to the On The Road Media team in Canberra today.

The ATA commissioned the custom-built exhibition trailer in 2008. It has been the centre of three campaigns to educate visitors on how to share the road safely with trucks: the Road Ahead (2008-2013), the Safety Truck (2013-2018) and SafeT360 (2019-2022).

Mr Forsyth said On The Road Media would continue to use the trailer to campaign for road safety.

“We will be reaching out to schools to provide a pre-driver education program and will attend truck shows and trade shows to help inspire people to join the transport industry,” Mr Forsyth said.

“The trailer will explain the benefits of choosing the transport industry as a professional career path.

“Discussions about a trailer had been a major conversation in the progression of where we were heading as a business and had been at the forefront of our thinking from the very beginning.

“When the opportunity came to put in a submission for the former ATA SafeT360 trailer, we set about putting our interest in the trailer in motion.

“This will be the final piece that completes On The Road Media. We are excited about what we can offer and where we can take this to make a difference in the transport industry and for road users in general.

“We would like to thank the ATA for conducting a fair and transparent tender process and selecting us as the group to take this project forward. We look forward to showing all that we have in store.

“On The Road Media will rebrand the trailer in the coming weeks, and it will be known as ‘Steering The Future’. We are in the process of setting this in motion and will make an announcement as soon as it is complete,” he said.

Mr Divall said the ATA had been at the leading edge of marketing innovation with its safety campaigns.

“Under its Road Ahead branding, the trailer had a multi-participant video experience for up to eight people. The Safety Truck campaign featured a pedal car track, and SafeT360 used virtual reality,” Mr Divall said.

“It’s time for the ATA to innovate our safety campaign again. Under the leadership of ATA CEO Mathew Munro and Marketing Director Bianca D’Rosario, we’ll be moving the SafeT360 campaign to new platforms.

“We know that On The Road Media will use the trailer to great effect with their passion, real operator experience and media reach. We can’t wait to see what they do,” he said.


About On The Road Media: On The Road Media was started back in 2023 by Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall, Mike Williams, Craig Forsyth and their wives, with the launch of the radio station ‘On The Road Radio’ on Australia Day 2023.

Soon after, in May 2023, the announcement that the group would be bringing back the iconic magazine Truckin’ Life was made at the Brisbane Truck Show with the first issue released in August of that same year at the Casino Truck Show.

On The Road Media comprises three truck drivers with an absolute passion for the industry with the backing of their partners determined to make a positive change and impact.