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Amplifying the voice of the driver

01 September 2020

The Australian Trucking Association and Big Rigs national transport newspaper have launched a new campaign today, amplifying the voice of Australia’s truck drivers.  

The ‘Voice of the Driver’ campaign is an initiative that aims to gather feedback from Australian truck drivers on the proposed fatigue laws as outlined in the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) review Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS).   

“Following the success of the ATA and Big Rigs ‘Have Your Say’ campaign, we have teamed up again to amplify the voice of the driver as the HVNL review progresses,” Mr Maguire said.  

“Seeking feedback from truck drivers during the review process is absolutely crucial, as they are the ones dealing with these issues every single day. 

“This campaign is about giving drivers the opportunity to share their views on the proposed fatigue laws in an easily-accessible way, through our online survey and a series of social media polls,” he said.  

The feedback gathered through the survey and wider campaign will be used to support the ATA submission to the consultation RIS.  

Big Rigs editor James Graham is thrilled to be resuming the collaboration with the ATA at this critical juncture in the reshaping of the fatigue regulations in the HVNL

“For too long drivers have felt they have been left out and that their opinions didn’t matter when it came to policy matters,” he said. 

“But the National Transport Commission is clearly now listening to their concerns and issues. We’re already seeing the difference the Have Your Say campaign has made with the RIS, and I’m confident that the Voice of the Driver will only build on that momentum.” 

Mr Maguire said that to thank drivers for sharing their feedback, each survey respondent will have the opportunity to receive one of five Kenworth merchandise packs. 

“We know our truck drivers are busy keeping Australia moving, however we really appreciate them taking time out of their day to share their valuable feedback,” Mr Maguire said. 

“Each week, our judges will select the best response to the open questions in the survey and award the driver with a Kenworth pack,” he said. 

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