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Vehicle safety compliance certification scheme submission

06 February 2015

The ATA supports the creation of a two tiered system with less arduous requirements for low risk vehicle modifications as part of the RMS vehicle safety compliance scheme investigation. These modifications are often carried out by operators during initial vehicle build up and as part of normal servicing or maintenance of their vehicle fleet.

There is a significant amount of supportive and instructional information/guidelines available including VSB 6, relevant Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Body Builder Guidelines, NSW RMS (RTA) Vehicle Standards Information (VSI) 23 and Australian Standards AS2174 and AS1773.  

In the case of fifth wheels, VSI 23, which replaced the previous Automotive Information Sheet 51, offers operators a simple, acceptable standard with no negative safety consequences noted since it was first released by the RTA 1998.

The ATA seeks an exemption from the NSW proposal for the fitment, servicing and maintenance of fifth wheel and tow couplings with a Component Registration Number (CRN). This proposal does not extend to the mounting structure for the fifth wheel or the tow coupling.