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Safer freight vehicles discussion paper

30 June 2021

The Australian Government should adopt a 2.6 metre truck and trailer width to enable new zero emission trucks and improved safety technologies to enter the Australian market from both the United States and Europe. 

New analysis from the Australian Trucking Association reveals that Australia is falling behind in the supply of zero emission trucks, with outdated truck width rules delaying and restricting the availability of these vehicles in the local market. 

In addition to increasing the truck width rules, the ATA submission to the Australian Government’s Safer freight vehicles discussion paper calls for:

  • implementation of the safety technologies package for wider trucks and trailers
  • government to implement the proposed ADR amendment package for improving driver vision
  • consideration of the best mechanism for implementing side underrun protection for wider vehicles
  • implementation of the axle configurations regulatory package with continued technical consultation
  • government to review and increase heavy vehicle mass limits for vehicles with single steer axles, twin steer axles and quad axle groups.