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Inquiry into electric vehicle adoption in the ACT

26 July 2022

The Australian Capital Territory is uniquely placed to be a leader in the electrification of trucks. Urban transport tasks represent the best opportunity to accelerate truck electrification in the short term , and the ACT is a predominantly urban jurisdiction.

The transport sector is undergoing a transformation that is changing the way we drive cars, transport goods, and receive deliveries. The importance of our freight sector means that it cannot be left behind in the electrification of transport that is happening in Australia and globally. But the adoption of electric trucks faces significant challenges. In January 2022, the ATA and the Electric Vehicle Council released a joint report into the barriers to electric truck adoption and a series of proposed recommendations to address them. The report was based on a series of industry workshops including trucking operators, truck manufacturers, and stakeholders involved in electric vehicle recharging infrastructure. 

The ATA submission to the ACT Legislative Assembly inquiry into electric vehicle adoption, and the ATA/EVC electric trucks report, make recommendations to accelerate the uptake of electric and zero emission trucks in the ACT