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Impediments to business investment

01 June 2018

There is a pressing need for a regulatory and tax reform agenda to enhance productivity and investment in the trucking industry, and as a result, underpin the competitiveness of Australian businesses and supply chains.

Heavy vehicle permit approvals for road access are blocking growth and investment in the Australian economy. Trucks, goods and equipment are literally sitting on the side of roads, buried in red tape.

We need digital, time sensitive and responsive solutions for road access.

Payment terms must also be addressed, with small trucking businesses vulnerable to adverse changes in their payment terms, often with little capacity to negotiate with large customers.

This reform agenda needs to include:

  • Innovative reform of permits and the Heavy Vehicle National Law.
  • A mandatory payments code to address payment terms issues facing small trucking businesses.
  • Independent regulation of toll road, landside port, and local government access charges for heavy vehicles.
  • Refunds of higher truck tolls when toll roads fail to deliver time savings.
  • Independent road funding decisions.
  • Accelerated depreciation and the removal of stamp duty for heavy vehicle trucks and trailers.

Other ATA recommendations include:

  • Improving general gazetted road access.
  • Reviewing the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.
  • Reviewing the impact of liquid fuel security on trucking operators.
  • Additional priority for regional and remote road upgrades.

More information on the inquiry by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics.