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Heavy vehicle road reform

23 October 2020

The Transport and Infrastructure Council (transport ministers) should reform the way roads are funded and heavy vehicle charges are calculated.

Transport ministers are currently consulting on proposed changes as part of Heavy Vehicle Road Reform.

The proposed new system includes:

  • Service level standards for roads
  • Review of road funding plans and what costs will recovered from heavy vehicle charges
  • Independent setting of heavy vehicle charges, with charges calculated using a forward-looking cost base
  • Dedicated road funding.

The ATA broadly supports these elements, although the ATA cannot agree to supporting a forward-looking cost base without a model to assess.

The ATA recommends that transport ministers should:

  • Proceed with the four supply side reform elements under HVRR
  • Expand HVRR to include reform to access decisions, making independent project funding decisions, regulation of monopoly infrastructure charges and inclusion of local roads and light vehicle revenue
  • Defer the forward-looking cost base pending detailed consultation
  • Introduce interim service level standards to guide investment decisions on the national highway network
  • Establish road funds, inlcuding light vehicle revenue and independent project selection.