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Easy access to suitable routes (HVNL review)

16 August 2019

More productive heavy vehicle access is a critical public policy goal that would benefit Australian consumers and businesses. Better access lowers freight costs, which ultimately means more local jobs.

Modelling from Deloitte Access Economics shows that trucking contributes to the cost of everyday consumer goods. For example, trucking makes up 4.4 per cent of the cost of a beer, 4.1 per cent of the cost of fruit and vegetables and 2 per cent of the cost of personal electronics.

The modelling also shows that cost savings to the trucking industry could directly reduce the costs faced by other industries. Potential savings include an annual $80 million for wholesale trade, $70 million for construction services and $40 million for retail trade.

Governments need to deliver more productive heavy vehicle access to lower costs and boost local jobs. Reforms to deliver these gains for the community should include:

  • Delivering parallel and integrated reforms to improve the access network and supply-side road funding decisions.
  • Faster access decisions that underpin the need to enable freight deliveries in a modern, on-demand economy.
  • Reducing the number of permits for access decisions, with the priority for access decisions to be provided in clear, accessible as-of-right networks.
  • Ensuring access decisions are consistent, justified and subject to external review.
  • Fixing the disconnect between land use planning and providing productive heavy vehicle access.

The ATA developed this submission following detailed consultation with our members. The Tasmanian Transport Association has asked that this submission be taken as its own.

Read the submission below.