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Draft NHVR heavy vehicle safety strategy 2021-2025

05 May 2021

The NHVR should change its approach to fatigue enforcement as a key part of its next safety strategy, the ATA submission to the NHVR on its draft 2021-2025 heavy vehicle safety strategy says.

A vital part of building a safe organisation is to engineer a culture where safety risks are reported. This only occurs in organisations that have a just culture.

The NHVR has previously committed to this just culture approach. The submission argues that the regulator should now advocate for amendments to the HVNL and make changes to its policies to reinforce it.

In particular, the NHVR should modify its enforcement approach so drivers whose minor work diary breaches have already been investigated and resolved through a company’s internal procedures are not issued with an infringement notice for the same breach.

The submission says the NHVR should argue in the HVNL review process for reduced fines for minor paperwork offences. These are unfair. They don’t contribute to safety and are a random hazard for drivers.

The submission also calls on the NHVR to recognise the safety benefits of increasing the use of high productivity freight vehicles.