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Access to PBS mass limits for truck and trailer conbinations

06 November 2014

This ATA submission to the NTC review of access to PBS mass limits for truck and trailer combinations conveys the feedback received from ATA member associations and industry stakeholders, including:
• operators, including PBS vehicle operators
• trailer manufacturers
• designers of innovative heavy vehicles, and
• holders of existing PBS design approvals

The submission recommends that heavy vehicles operating above GML be enrolled in a mass management scheme and that the review outcomes help to increase PBS applications, vehicle registrations and access.

Truck and trailer designs account for 63% of PBS design applications. PBS 7 axle truck and dog trailer combinations are also afforded the same General Mass Limits (GML) and Concessional Mass Limits (CML) weights as compliant 7 axle B-double vehicle configurations. This results in a minor benefit in payload for truck and dog combinations, decreased safety performance for truck and dog combinations; the same pavement wear for the same axle group weights; significant benefits in registration costs for truck and dog combinations, and safer, better performing roll-coupled alternatives (dynamically speaking) paying a premium at registration for delivering better safety outcomes.