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2022-2023 Federal Budget Submission

11 February 2022
The ATA has released its submission to the 2022-2023 federal budget.
The submission calls for an end to the underfunding of  Australia’s crumbling road freight infrastructure and national leadership on the quality of our road network and rest areas. 
We believe the Australian Government must take responsibility for funding and operating all major freight roads through the national highways program. 
The Australian Government must also take responsibility for granting access approvals for heavy vehicles on national highways, rather than depending on the states to decide which trucks can run on freight routes.
We have also called for our national freight roads to be upgraded to meet minimum safety star ratings as well as a funding boost to the woefully underfunded truck roads and rest areas program. This will ensure safer roads and better driver conditions.  
Our budget submission recommends the Australian Government introduce a net zero truck incentive plan so the industry can make the move to electric and hydrogen powered trucks. 
Australia is falling behind as international competitors make the leap to net zero trucks and we run the risk of high, globally uncompetitive freight costs. 
Zero emission trucks are far cheaper to run but in Australia there are barriers to truck operators making the switch, including cost, limited models and a lack of charging infrastructure. 
This could be overcome if the Australian Government adopts our recommendation for an incentive plan.