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Trucking industry drives diversity change

26 February 2021
A ground-breaking initiative to celebrate and grow diversity in the trucking industry has been delivered in Cairns this week. 
Led by the Australian Trucking Association and Teletrac Navman, the 2020 Driving Change Diversity Program is an industry-first, bringing together participants from diverse backgrounds across Australia. 
“While the Australian trucking industry is well-known for its diverse types of businesses and career opportunities, this diversity is not reflected in workplace demographics,” ATA Chair David Smith said. 
“The trucking industry plays a crucial role in the lives of all Australians. This program is our way of driving change within industry and ensuring it is an inclusive and welcoming environment for people from all backgrounds,” he said.  
Nominated by ATA member associations and Teletrac Navman, program participants have completed an intensive two-day workshop to become diversity champions led by Wisdom Learning CEO Rod Hattch. 
“Our sessions this week focused on how to overcome barriers to diversity in the workplace, how to influence and change unconscious bias, and how to lead change in the workplace and the wider trucking industry,” Mr Hattch said. 
“It was about coming together to share our connections, start the conversation and discover how we can drive change,” he said.  
Also joining participants was program ambassador and diversity champion Wayne Herbert, who said there is no doubt that building a strong, diverse and inclusive industry is key to responding effectively to the complex and changing needs of the industry into the future. 
“Just as the Australian trucking industry drives our great nation, the ATA and Teletrac Navman Driving Change Diversity Program is set to drive lasting change,” Mr Herbert said. 
“There is no doubt that we all benefit from diversity and inclusion - that’s why I am proud to be associated with the program. My story is one of many that I hope challenges, captivates, entertains, and ignites the change that is possible when organisations and industry invest in diversity and inclusion. 
Mr Smith said the overwhelming support for the program from industry and ATA members shows how committed the industry is to celebrating and embracing diversity. 
“Diversity and inclusion play a significant role in creating positive workplaces and is proven to develop more inclusive environments, increase productivity and give employers access to a greater range of talent,” Mr Smith said.  
Teletrac Navman Director of Marketing Megan Duncan said the outcomes of the 2020 program and those in the future will have a profound effect on the trucking industry and wider community. 
“It has been fantastic to see the response to the program since its launch, even beyond the transport industry. We have been so thrilled to welcome the interesting mix of program participants, who really cover a broad spectrum of diverse backgrounds and roles in the transport industry,” Ms Duncan said. 
“The outcomes of this program are truly exciting, and we cannot wait to drive change within our industry and beyond,” she said. 
Nominations are now open for the 2021 Driving Change Diversity Program, which will see participants learn how to create change and facilitate diversity in their workplace and community, share personal insights into the development a marketing campaign that highlights diversity within industry and develop a strong professional network with like-minded individuals.