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Joint action needed to improve truck driver safety

01 October 2021
In recognition of National Safe Work Month, the Australian Trucking Association is calling for urgent action from all Australians to improve safety outcomes for truck drivers and industry members. 
“Most people’s work takes place in an office or controlled environment, whereas a truck driver’s primary workplace is our roads and highways,” ATA CEO Michael Deegan said.  
“Everyone, especially hardworking truck drivers, has a right to a safe and healthy workplace. 
“Road conditions are a causation factor in about 30 per cent of all crashes and a factor in the severity of 100 per cent of crashes. 
“Taking a safety-focused approach to road infrastructure development will build a solid foundation for achieving Vision Zero and saving Australian lives. 
“There is an urgent need to accelerate the uptake of proven safety technologies,” he said. 
Mr Deegan commended operators who implement best-practice standards to keep their staff and community safe, like those who are TruckSafe accredited.  
“TruckSafe accreditation demonstrates that operators have responsible work practices, well-trained drivers, and risk management systems that keep themselves, their vehicles, and the community safe. 
“In addition, the ATA’s SafeT360 exhibition delivers highly-targeted, interactive messaging to improve novice driver education,” he said.