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ATA congratulates Michael Byrne on business, safety leadership

15 November 2019

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has congratulated Managing Director of Toll, Michael Byrne, for his business and safety leadership, following today’s announcement of his retirement from the company. 

“Michael Byrne has had a distinguished career as the Managing Director of Toll and previously Linfox, in which time he has been a passionate advocate for improving safety standards in the industry,” ATA Chair Geoff Crouch said. 

“In his time with Toll, he has raised important safety issues with government, calling for a range of safety solutions, including educating light vehicle drivers about how to share the road safely with trucks, mandating safety technologies and the unification of heavy vehicle law across Australia,” he said. 

Under Mr Byrne’s leadership, ATA member Toll has actively made strong contributions to the association’s policies and priorities, particularly regarding technology. 

“Just next week the ATA Council will consider additional safety measures proposed by Toll under Michael’s leadership,” Mr Crouch said. 

“I look forward to continuing to collaborate with Michael and utilise his leadership and dedication to improving the road safety agenda into the future,” he said. 

The ATA and its member associations collectively represent the 50,000 business and 200,000 people in the Australian trucking industry. Together, we are committed to safety, professionalism and viability.